Contact & Rates

General Rates: (Exact fees vary according to project and licensing terms)

  • Editing hourly rate: $125/hour
  • Creative Day Rate: $750/day
  • Production Day Rate (camera included): $1000/day (*half day: $600)
  • Production Day Rate (camera, audio & basic lights included): $1250/day  (*half day: $750)
  • Music Videos: Generally between $5,000 - $50,000 Depending on the scale and elements involved
  • Time-lapse and Hyperlapse Photography: Contact for a custom bid

*Due to setup time and scheduling constraints, a half-day rate is the minimum cost per day for production.

Note about non-commercial inquiries: We strongly believe in giving back to the photography and filmmaking community, and love to help others and answer questions. If we said yes to every request to speak, teach, demonstrate or volunteer, we would quickly go out of business. Also, please understand that we daily receive enormous amounts of email and may not be able to reply right away.